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House Powerwashing Tips

Powerwashing, also known as pressure-washing, utilizes a high-velocity water spray to remove dirt and residue from the exterior surfaces of a home. It is frequently used on vinyl siding, concrete and sometimes wood decks to treat mildew and other growth that accumulates over time. Powerwashing can be a great way to remove grime without having […]
Seasonal Featured Summer

Beware Of Jellyfish This Summer

Summer often includes a few jaunts to the beach to cool off and enjoy some swimming and sunbathing. For those who have the benefit of living close to an ocean, few things beat the allure and majesty of a pristine coastline. A day at the beach can be spent surfing the waves, collecting seashells or […]
Seasonal Featured Summer

Stop Making These 8 Common Grilling Mistakes

Cooking food over an open fire imparts all sorts of flavor. Grilling tends to be quicker, less messy and more convenient than cooking in the kitchen — particularly during the dog days of summer. Outdoor grills are seemingly everywhere, including many backyards across the country. That grills are so commonplace doesn’t mean that everyone grilling […]
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What is forest bathing?

The mood-boosting feeling of rejuvenation many people experience while spending time in nature is not in their heads. In fact, researchers in parts of Asia have long since studied and documented the benefits of spending time in nature. Developed in Japan in the 1980s, the practice of Shinrin-yoku, often referred to as “forest bathing,” has […]
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What To Know Before Going Camping

Comedian Jim Gaffigan often jokes that camping is a tradition in his wife’s family, but he’s what people would consider “indoorsy.” Gaffigan notes that the idea of burning a couple of vacation days sleeping on the ground outside isn’t his idea of fun. But the comic may be in the minority. Camping is one of […]
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Tips For Grad Party Planners

Graduation is a milestone moment worthy of celebration. Whether newly minted graduates will be pursuing further education after donning their caps and gowns or embarking on their lives as professionals, come commencement season, graduates and their families should pause to celebrate and recognize the hard work it took for grads to earn their degrees. Graduation […]